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Mission Statement

Past Discretionary Repair or Replacement of surgical instruments by manufacturers was policy and tradition.

Present Health Care Restricted Economics can no longer support or permit discretionary replacement and inflated prices. Second opinion and independent repair services have become economically viable alternatives to past policy and tradition.

Proper Training and Value vs Volume As the independent repair concept has grown more popular so has the insatiable urge of various companies to grasp greater market share. Consequently, many "technicians to be" have been improperly and inadequately trained. Quality workmanship has often been sacrificed for the sake of corporate dollar volume.

Dedication and Skill Within The Surgical Edge our business is our passion, not just our business. Skill is paramount! Good enough is never ever good enough!

Selective Long Term Health Care Partnerships We've decided not to participate in the market share race. Instead, we are only interested in a select amount of long term dedicated loyal working partnerships. We ask you to allow us the opportunity to offer you the experience, knowledge and The Surgical Edge you expect and require.

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